LYC eLearning Goals

We are working on a two tiered professional development program.

Firstly, we will be appropriating (ie, stealing) Tom’s pyramid approach:

We will be implementing a staff wide PD program that will introduce the skills and practical applications of Look2Learn, Class Portals and Web Quests. While still in the planning stage, it is possible that teachers will be encouraged to complete online tasks in their own time in a collaborative environment, probably on a staff blog page.

Catherine and I have set up a mock LYC portal – you will need to use a parent login. (Username: parent / Password: homework)

Secondly, we will be piloting an iPad program. We have decided to invest in a class set of iPads, and have selected a group of teachers from across the curriculum who will be given an iPad for the year.

We are using the DEECD iPads for Success document to help the planning, implementation and evaluation of this program.

Catherine and I presented the following Prezi to the Senior Management Team. We skipped some of the points, and the timeline is up for discussion, and we are constantly changing our minds, or having them changed for us… but a good idea of where we are headed.


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