Welcome to LJAA1

Welcome to Learning Journeys for 2013! My name is Mr Skehan, and together we will be working on some interesting projects this year, including:

-Melbourne Overnight Excursion


-Personal Choice Journeys

Given that you are off to China in a few weeks, we are the first group to do the Melbourne Overnight Excursion this year.

Rather than use heavy textbook, this year will source information from many different places. Two places you need to use are:

-Dropbox: Please accept my request via school email to join the LJAA1 Folder on Dropbox

-SharePoint: Access through the school portal, and search Learning Journeys folders for unit specific information.

Tasks for Today

-Begin My Melbourne Document Presentation – Find a document (photo, song, artwork, filmclip etc) that best reflects your relationship with Melbourne.

-Your main task today is to decide on a theme for your Melbourne poster, and find out where you would like to visit during our excursion.

The following websites may help you in your search:

Marvellous Melbourne

eMelbourne – Detailed description on Melbourne’s main streets

Only Melbourne – Origin of street names 

City of Melbourne – Significant main streets of Melbourne

Walking Melbourne – Architecture/significant buildings

Your Melbourne Excursion Tour Groups:

Group A: Riley, Liam & Chantel

Group B: Abbey, Jacqui & Celine

Group C: Dillon, Lauren & Angus

Group D: Georgina, Jemima & Desi


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