Y8History: The Fall of Rome

As we settle for class, we will watch a computer generated video showing how Rome looked in its Golden Age.

To understand why Europe entered the Medieval Age, also known as the Dark Ages, we must understand the impact of the Fall of Rome: Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

During the PowerPoint presentation, we will be practicing our note taking skills. For more information on how to note take successfully, turn to page xvii in your text book.

For Homework (Due Tuesday 12 Feb): Please watch the following Crash Course clip on the Fall of the Roman Empire.

Take notes during this clip – remember, you can pause, stop and replay if you miss important bits. Use your notes to write two short paragraphs (5-6 sentences) looking at:

1. Why did the (Western) Roman Empire fall?

2. What were the major differences between the Eastern and Western Roman Empires.

Use facts and figures mentioned in the video where possible.


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