LJAA1 8 Feb: Final Lesson before Melbourne Excursion

Wow – only this lesson, then our first excursion of the year.

This means we need to be focused and work collaboratively and efficiently to ensure we have an enjoyable Monday night / Tuesday Melbourne experience.

-Use last lesson’s handout to organised your tour guide group activities. Do you need to delegate responsibilities over the weekend (ie I’ll prepare Fed Sq. activity, you look at the Yarra, and person 3 will talk about the National Gallery and Art Centre)

-Use today’s handout to finalise the Whole Class itinerary. Remember: You need to communicate within your group, and between groups. To help the flow of information, nominate a liason person for the group.

-I will be free at lunch, and will be in H1.07. You will be working on this during the weekend, so make sure you have the contact details you need.


Mr. Skehan


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