Y10 WWI 15 Feb

Good morning all.

Some reflections on the document analysis:

-Provide a symbolic reading, and translate this into historic understanding. While Germany did not invade America, the trampling on the word ‘America’ is symbolic of the threat posed by German militarism.

-Stay dispassionate and analytical: there should be no “our”, “my”, “I”. Historians, that is you and I, are not the audience.

-Use the specific evidence present in the document to launch into specific historical considerations. This poster, calling upon American men to enlist in the US Army, is representative in its fear mongering tone of other propaganda of World War I that seeks to dehumanise the enemy.

Reflections on the Short Essay:

-Many of you are only providing an overview. Symptoms include vague language, lack of evidence, superficial use of terminology.

-Use evidence properly. Analyse it, interpret it, understand it. Show how it supports your wider contention

-Define terminology, then move on.

-Always link to the topic


For fun: If you are so inclinded, here is a WWI trench warfare flash game


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  1. Animated Map of the Western Front
    Outline something you learned on this website that surprised you, and explain your reaction? I was really surprised by how many people died on average at the battle in arras. 4,070 people died on average a day and that was the highest death rate of the whole war
    The war game
    How did this site contribute to your understanding of the political or military events of the war? I learned that there so many different sorts of weapons you can use to help you win the battle but even though many have upsides they all have flaws leading in the destruction of your team.

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