Melbourne Essay Research

The White Night Festival :

At the start of today’s lesson we are going to locate our Melbourne tour locations on the ‘Eras of Melbourne’ grid, in order to focus research for your essay. We will look at how your essay makes explicit links between place and time

Having done this, we then have the opportunity to conduct more research into the history of Melbourne. Use the handout provided to organise your notes effectively to help shape your essay.

Use the books provided to access information on the following:

Settlement: pp28 – 32 in Melbourne Unit Handbook

The Grid: pp33 – 28 in Melbourne Unit Handbook

Sidney Myer: pp.47 – 54 in Melbourne Unit Handbook

Modern Liverability Rankings: pp59 – 69 in Melbourne Unit Handbook

Heritage Listed Buildings: pp.70 – 77  in Melbourne Unit Handbook

Melbourne during the 1860s: pp145 – 150 in Land of the Southern Cross

Immigration and Multiculturalism: pp286 – 292 in Experience of Nationhood

For Fun: A flash game looking at life on the Ballarat Gold Fields (while note work on i-Pad without a flash enabling browser like Puffin)


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