Ancient Egypt: An Introduction

Please watch the following video ‘Ancient Egypt: National Geographic’.

Using your note taking skills, write down 5 to 6 points you consider most important.

When you have finished watching the video, write a two to three sentence response about something you learned, or surprised you, in the video. Post your response in the Leave a Reply box at the end of the blog.


25 thoughts on “Ancient Egypt: An Introduction

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  1. In the video I learned that the Pyramids of Giza were constructed for 3 feros, the pyramids were made out of limestone blocks, a new block was put on every two minutes and the construction only took 80 years

  2. I found this very interesting about how all of the people of Egypt came to together to make these pyramids known as the pyramids of Geyser today. They mad they made them for the Pharos after life.
    Campbell Lord 7B
    Very interesting πŸ˜ƒ

  3. Some points that I found interesting, surprising or that I didn’t know are…
    1: the Egyptians developed the worlds first national government.
    2: some of the exception gods are
    Oman rah, Cyrus and anoobus.
    3: Some f the things that were put in tombs were
    1: beautiful furniture
    2: Jewellery
    3: or even a massive boat that a Ferro could sail on the Nile, eternally.
    4:the three pyramids of Giza were built in 80 years.

    The end!

  4. The ancient Egypt rulers created the 365 day calendar and started the language hieroglyphics their paintings in tombs showed the story of Osiris. Osiris is just one of the gods that was worshiped in ancient Egypt. The Egyptian tried to carefully control their bodies after death by raping them up in paper and made mummies. The great pyramids of Isa were constructed to house the tombs of three powerful pharaohs.

  5. What I learnt about ancient Egypt……………
    -they had the first national government
    -their first way of writing was hieroglyphics
    -Egyptians believe in life after death and the had a god of the dead called Anubis

  6. The ancient Egyptians invented the 365 day calendar. Cyrus rose from the dead because his wife put all the pieces of his body back together. The Egyptians believed in life after death, so they preserved the body of the dead for their after life. I didn’t know all this before i watched this video!

  7. I found this documentry very interesting. I learnt that the Egyptian’s put dead bodies in tunes and put in with them all the essentials for when their soul came back to them. I found that a bit weird but also facinating and I am very excited to learnt more about it

  8. I found it interesting how they invented the 1st calendar the first government and they also created a way of writing. It was an amazing fact that they built a pyramid just by humans in only eight years. And they also truly believe that there is life after death.

  9. Interesting! After watching that video clip I wrote down nine things I didn’t already know. Five facts out of the nine that are most interesting are:
    * Egypt was born 5,000 years ago.
    * Egypt was run by pharaohs for about 3,000 years.
    * Egypt developed the worlds first national government.
    * Egypt created basic arithmetic.
    * The Pyramids of Giza took eighty years to complete.

    Even know I’ve been to the Tutankhamen exhibition, I’ve learnt just as much on this three minute video clip.

    Fantastic clip!

  10. after watching this movie i have found out that the Egyptians were obsessed with life and thought that because one of their gods was given life from the dead that they could do the same i also learnt that when a wealthy man died they would rap them in bandages and mummify them burying them with all the stuff that they would need when they came back to life.

  11. I am not very good at remembering things and then writing them down, so i watched it again and took notes:
    Ruled for approx 3000 years, calendar, built great tombs, not obsessed with death, in love with life and wanted it to go on, paintings in tombs tell story of rising from dead, decided they could achieve immortality, believed in reincarnation, when wealthier person dies, wrap it up like a mummy, place it in a tomb and fill it with things that could help it come alive again like furniture, jewellery etc, no tech, pyramids constructed to house tombs of 3 ferrous, to build pyramids workers piled over 6 million blocks of limestone and granite blocks (some weighed over 40 tonnes), a block was put into place every 2 minutes, finished in 8 years, each worker was assured immortality.

  12. I learnt that one of there gods got torn to pieces and then his wife put them together and he came to the after life

  13. WOW!
    I didn’t know that Pharos ruled for about 3000 years, or that the ancient Egyptians invented the first arithmetic (bet they didn’t know 5000 years later poor little children would be slaving over their invention whilst they built pyramids).
    -They believed in immortality
    – some of the gods they had were Uminrah the sun god and Anubis the god of the
    I think they also invented the first clock.
    Great clip I learnt heaps of info!!!

  14. Things I learnt:
    – Egypt was born more than 5,000 years ago.
    – Developed the first basic type of arithmetic.
    – Developed the first national government.

  15. I found the video very interesting. (and a bit weird) I learnt that:
    -Egyptians developed the worlds first national government.
    -Egyptians believe in the afterlife.
    -The pyramids of Giza took only 80 years to build by hand!

  16. During the video I learnt that the Egyptians created the 365 day calendar, hieroglyphics, they developed the worlds first national government and the first basic forms of arithmetic. A new stone was placed every 2 minutes which meant that the pyramids were finished in 80 years? Another main point was that they were strong after life believers. Can’t wait to learn more about this topic in history! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜„

  17. Wow! I didn’t know Egypt was 5,000 years old. It’s really cool how they made the 365 day calendar. The pyramids of Giza took 80 years? Cool.

  18. .I never knew the Nile was like Heathrow airport, basically a hot spot for travel
    .the pyramids took 8 years to build

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