The Rise of Hitler and the Nazis

We will be preparing for the extended response “Explain the reasons why Hitler and the NSDAP rose to power by January 1933 (provide evidence to support your explanations).”

Firstly, we will be conducting Peer Assessment Reviews of our extended response on the Weimar Republic, which on the whole I was very pleased with. Pretty much everyone got the structure right, and most students used evidence well in supporting their claims.
When conducting Peer Assessment, we benefit in two ways, firstly in getting a fair and honest assessment of our own work, and secondly, in viewing the work of others, from which we learn more about our own work.
Be honest and fair when giving feedback, and make it a meaningful exercise, ie don’t just write “well done”.
Provided feedback on what was done well, and what, and importantly how, could other thing be done better.
eg “You never made a claim without providing supporting evidence – great. When talking about sections of society, never say ‘some people’ or ‘many people’ – be specific, by saying ‘German working class people’, or ‘disgruntled returned soldiers’, or ‘the unemployed'”.

Watch this clip:


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