The Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party Part II

-25 Point Programme (1920)

No. 1 We want all Germans to live in a “Greater Germany”
No. 2 We  want the peace treaties of Versailles to be cancelled.
No. 4 Only Germans may be citizens of the Germany. Only those of the German races may be members of the nation, their religion does not matter. No Jew may be a citizen.
No. 6 Only citizens can vote for parliament and councils, or vote on laws. Everyone who works for the German government, a state government or even a small village must be a citizen of Germany.
No. 8 No-one who is not of a German-race should be allowed to live in Germany. We want anyone who is not of a German-race who started living in Germany after 2 August 1914 to leave the country.
No. 13 We want all very big corporations to be owned by the government.
No. 23 We want the law to stop politicians from being anti-German, and newspapers from writing about them. To make a German national press we demand:

  • that all editors of, and writers in the German language newspapers are members of the nation (of a German race);
  • Foreign newspapers need permission from the government. They must not be printed in the German language;
  • Non-Germans cannot own or control German newspapers.
  • any non German who does own or control a newspaper will be made to leave Germany, and the newspaper closed down,
  • Newspapers which criticise the country or the government are not allowed.
  • Art and books which support foreign ideas, should be banned.

No. 24 We want to allow all religions in the State, unless they offend the moral feelings of the German race. The NSDAP is Christian, but does not belong to any denomination. The NSDAP will fight the Jewish self-interest spirit, and believes that our nation will be strongest only if everyone puts the common interest before self-interest.
No. 25 We will

  • create of a strong central government for the Reich;
  • give Parliament control over the entire government and its organizations;
  • form groups based on class and job to carry out the laws in the various German states.
  • The leaders of the Party promise to work—if need be to sacrifice their very lives—to put this programme into action.-Mein Kampf (1924)
  • Abolition of the Treaty of Versailles
  • Gain Lebensraum (living space) to create a Greater Germany for all German speaking people
  • Creation of  Volksgemeinschaft (people’s community)

All Jews to eliminated from Germany

The Great Depression

German unemployment rose significantly following the Wall Street Crash and resulting Great Depression:

german unemployment


-Josef Goebbels (Later Minister of Propaganda)

-Nazi Rally (Nurnburg 1937)

Charismatic Speaker

Negative Cohesion

This is a term used to describe someone who, though they do not share Nazi views, supports the Nazi party because he/she shares Nazi fears. This may explain how people with moderate political views became supporters of Nazism. Some of these fears included:

-Disillusionment with Democracy

-The Communist Threat

-Decadent  Culture

Finally, to study political history, which we will focus on a lot this year, you should have a good understanding of your own politics. To help you with this, take this political compass quiz. It will plot you on a political graph, and show you where you stand in relation to important figures in history, Hitler included. If you are feeling brave, please post your results in the comments page.


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