Trench Warfare

After yesterday’s trip to the Shrine and our preliminary research you should have a good understanding of:

  • why Australian’s fought in WWI
  • how war was perceived at the time
  • our first theatre of war

Today we are going to explore trench warfare through playing the flash game Warfare 1917.

Play the game through a few times. You will be assigned to the British side and be given certain objectives each mission.

Before you begin:

  • Open a Word Document, and write a short paragraph outlining your understanding of trench warfare, including conditions, tactics and anything else you might know.
  • Play the game, recording your vital statistics at the end of each round.

After you have played, follow this link on trench warfare conditions to round out your knowledge, chose three of the following questions and write a short response (2-3 sentences) for each:

  • Were your soldiers 100% safe at anytime during the game?
  • Why are trenches important?
  • What part of the trench warfare experience is missing from this game?
  • What upgrades did your choose, and why?
  • Did the tactics become frustrating? Why?
  • What was the deadliest weapon? Why?

When you have completed your reflection, post your thoughts on this blog. I will be looking to make sure this is done, so if you do not have time this class, you must post by Sunday 24 March 5pm.

On completing this task, please watch this short clip showing conditions on the Western Front. Please be aware that there may be some images you find disturbing.


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  1. Trench warfare was a main part of World War 1. They were muddy and people got trench foot from being in them for so long.

    Why are trenches important?
    They provided soldiers with a safe place and protection.
    What was the deadliest weapon?
    The machine gun because when the people ran out of the trenches they would fire and they had no chance to fire.
    What part of the trench warfare experience is missing from this game?
    Trench foot and other living conditions

  2.  Why are trenches important?
    Because they provide the soldiers with protection while they are being shot at, while still being a able to shoot. Trenches could also be a good thing for the enemy, if they could get close enough to throw a grenade into the trench.

     Were your soldiers 100% safe at anytime during the game?
    No, at all times they could have been shot at or hit by air strikes. They were especially in danger when they were out of the trench.

     What part of the trench warfare experience is missing from this game?

    All the rats and infections. In real life it would have been freezing and there would have been fleas and rats everywhere.

  3. I already knew they had bad conditionsn and it is very muddy

    • Were your soldiers 100% safe at anytime during the game?
    No they were not safe at all times because an air strike could hit then or they could be shot when they are shooting they are most vulnerable to being killed when they are I no mans land.
    • Why are trenches important?
    The trenches are important because it gives them plenty of protection and it gives them a place to shoot when they are stable. They can also throw grenades.
    • What part of the trench warfare experience is missing from this game?
    The food part of it is missing the way the trenches look all of the missing people are dead

  4. Trench warfare was a tactical way of war in World War 1. The conditions were horrendous, with rats carrying diseases and eating away at human carcass. During the winter, it would snow in Europe and soldiers would get frost bite, in the rain the dirt would turn to mud and soldiers would get trench-foot, which is an infection in your foot and would lead to amputation. In the sun, the mud would dry on the soldiers and stick to them. Any would or even a small cut would most likely lead to infection or disease, due to the horrible conditions. If there was no food for the soldiers, they would catch rats and used them as food.

  5. Trench warfare was a dangerous experience. Dauntless soldiers spent their time in thin, dirt-bitten trenches, consumed by disease. Showers of bullets continuously rained down from the sky, and to venture from the trench for a wisp of outside air was an act of gallantry. Trenches provided soldiers with protection, although this haphazard safety came at the cost of health and mental stability.

  6. Were your soldiers 100% safe at any time during the game?
    No, they were under constant threat of emerging from the trenches and being bombarded with bullets.

    Why are trenches important?
    Because trenches provide some sort of protection. If you do not have the protection of the trenches you are left in the open and will most likely be killed by the soldiers that have the protection of the trenches.

    What upgrades did you choose, and why?
    I chose two upgrades mainly, deploying the troops faster and better armor, because I thought the more troops I have alive and fighting the higher chance I have of outnumbering the germans and over taking them.

    What was missing from the game was the terrible conditions.

  7. What I already know:
    Trenches were small and could only fit a small amount of soldiers at one time. The soldiers used them for protection, and so they were not easily spotted by the other army. It was muddy and most likely smelt disgusting.

    Did the tactics become frustrating? Why?
    The soldiers kept leaving the trench because they couldn’t all fit, many were forced to deploy. It was frustrating because they went out with only a few others and all got shot and died.

    What upgrades did you choose? Why?
    I didn’t choose any upgrades because I couldn’t win a battle.

    Why are Trenches important?
    Trenches are important because they keep you partly safe, as soon as they step into no man’s land they are easy targets and either are shot or blown up.

  8. The conditions in the trenches where terrible for the soldiers. A lot of the soldiers died because of a thing called trench foot. The trenches were full of rats and there were bodies falling from the top of the trench walls. If the soldiers jumped out of the trench they would emidiately be shot by machine gunners from their enemies.

    Game statistics
    Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
    Enemys killed 40-23
    Sqauds deployed 9-10
    Sqauds lost 4-9
    Trenches taken 2-0
    Support used 0-2

     Were your soldiers 100% safe at anytime during the game?
     My soldier were never 100% safe because of trench foot and other deseases
     Why are trenches important?
     The trenches are important because you can get a little bit of cover
     What was the deadliest weapon? Why?
     My deadliest weapon was the machine gun because you had a lot of damage and didn’t need to reload so often.

  9. Trench warfare are trenches that soldiers would hide in during wars so the another side would not be able to see them so they couldn’t attach them
    Even the British (my side) lost a lot less men than the Germans but the Germans they still won
    The soldiers were probable 100% safe in the trenches under lockdown because the Germans couldn’t enter the trenches and kill my men.
    Trenches are important because they are a safety point for the soldiers it is also a place where you can look out and see what is happening on the battle field

  10. Were your soldiers 100% safe at any time during the game?
    My soldiers were never truly safe as the Germans could advance at any moment on to the territory they were occupying and bombs and other explosives would be thrown into the trenches.
    Why are trenches important?
    They were important as they provided a place in the battlefield where people could hide from the enemy and organize battle plans and ready themselves for their next pert of the battle.
    What part of the trench warfare experience is missing from this game?
    The actual experience inside the trench, during the war there were many dead bodies and infection as well as rats plagued the battlefield.
    What upgrades did you choose, and why?
    I didn’t get very far in the game so I did very little upgrades, but when I did I got upgrades that would better protect my soldiers.
    Did the tactics become frustrating? Why?
    The tactics of the game became frustrating as I had very little control in what happened and people just kept killing and being killed- many lives were needlessly lost.
    What was the deadliest weapon? Why?
    The deadliest weapons were gas and grenades as they could wipe out whole trenches at a time killing multiple people at once.

  11. Trench warfare
    What I Already Know
    Trench warfare is a more sheltered form of fighting but still deadly. It is fought in trenches and easy to hide in but it is also easy to be sneaked up on. Trenches were good to lead places while being hidden. It was also good for hiding or disposing of things that became unnecessary.

    Why are Trenches Important?
    Trenches were important to hide in. They were good to store things in and shoot from. You could just put you head a little bit over the top, shoot and duck back down again.

    Were Your Soldiers 100% Safe at Any Time During the Game?
    No. There was always something life threatening. It could have been soldiers sneaking up, bombs or in real life it could have been hunger or illness.

    What was the Deadliest Weapon? Why?
    I think the deadliest weapon was the bombs because you could put them anywhere and could not be stopped. They also exploded more soldiers then guns shoot down in one go.

  12. Trenches were used to protect the army from the enemies, and both sides of the war used these trenches. The conditions in the trenches were very poor, resulting in many people getting sick, and it was open to all environmental conditions. Life in these trenches was very harsh.
    1. The trenches were important because the soldiers could shelter in the trenches and get down low to not get hit by the bullets. If I were a soldier, the trenches would be the place that I would like to be in because I would feel more sheltered from the enemies because they couldn’t see me, therefore shoot me.
    2. I don’t think the soldiers were safe at any time during the game. The best shelter they would get was in the trenches, but once the enemy put a bomb close to my army, no one was safe. I think the soldiers in the game felt more safe in the trenches because they would run quickly down to there, and from there they would shoot enemy soldiers and take shelter.
    3. The part of the trench warfare experience that was missing from the game was how dirty and harsh being in the trenches would actually be. Not once did we see any rats scurrying around in the dirt, or people getting sick from the harsh conditions. That important part of the war experience was missing, and I believe the game could be improved by showing more details of the trenches.

  13. My knowledge: trenches in the war were small and soldiers were usually bunched up together. The conditions were horrible, there were diseases and trench foot occasionally took the lives of soldiers. Rats were everywhere in the trenches although they provide a meal for the soldiers if they were trapped and caught. Most of the soldiers would of died in or around(no mans land) trenches because when they climbed over the trench they were shot.

    Why were trenches important?
    The trenches provide protection fro the soldiers from bullets.

    We’re your oldies always safe 100% during the game?
    No, when they were in the trenches they could of been attacked with bombs, or soldiers who survived the shower of bullets when approaching reach the trench and shot the soldiers from there. In no mans land, the soldiers they were never safe as they were shot by soldiers in the trenches.

    Which part of trench warfare experience was missing from this game?
    Trench foot and other diseases were not in the game

  14. Conditions in trench warfare were horrible, with many deadly infections and diseases spresing amongst the soldiers.
    Soldiers were never 100% safe in the trenches because the enemy could bomb them from above and when they emerged from the trenches it was very likely they would get killed within a few steps.
    Trenches were important for some form of protection in the war because otherwise the soldiers would be in the open and very quickly shot.
    The disease and illness was missing from the trench warfare experience because in real life, there would be a lot of men dying in the trenches from disease.

  15. Alexandros Stefanos
    My understanding of Trench Warfare
    Trench warfare was a key element and strategy used in WWI. The conditions inside the trenches were appalling and the cold mud that lined the bottom of the trenches caused soldiers to sometimes develop trench foot. The trenches themselves were jagged so as to lessen the impact of frags thrown into the trenches. The trenches were often about head height and between the trenches of opposing teams was a field called no-man’s-land. The trenches ran for kilometres and the distance between trenches varied. Sometimes the soldiers who were digging the trenches could hear the opposition between the thin dirt that separated them.
    My Vital Statistics
    Round One
    Troops lost: 1
    Enemies killed: 19
    Squads Deployed: 2
    Enemy squads deployed: 5
    Trenches taken: 1, enemy 0
    Support Used: 0,enemy, 0
    Round Two
    Troops lost: 23
    Enemies killed: 39
    Squads Deployed: 7
    Enemy squads deployed: 11
    Trenches taken: 1, enemy 1
    Support Used: 0, enemy 3
    Round Three
    Troops lost: 77
    Enemies killed: 90
    Squads Deployed: 18
    Enemy squads deployed: 23
    Trenches taken: 1, enemy 1
    Support Used: 2, enemy 5
    Were your soldiers 100% safe at any time during the game?
    Even when entrenched, my soldiers were never 100% safe at any time in the game. When out in the open, my soldiers were easy targets for firing machine guns and when they were in the trenches they were at risk of exploding grenades and fire from support squads, and later in the game, at risk of gas poisoning.
    What part of the trench warfare experience is missing from this game?
    In the game, my soldiers are never at risk of getting diseases, especially trench foot, which would cause them to die without being killed by the other team. Also, the soldiers were quite robotic, in that they just went forward, doing whatever you told them and would not retreat even if they are about to die.
    What was the deadliest weapon? Why?
    The deadliest weapon that I encountered, were the machine guns. When entrenched, they would take out any incoming soldiers which gave the opposition no chance to take out your trench.

  16. Trench warfare 

    Thrench warfare was harsh and grooling. The trenches were disgusting, the men lived in horrible conditions, it was dirty and the trenches were only shoulder width apart, the men stood single file. The trenches were covered in insect and disease from dead bodies and vermin. They were a tactic, the. Men could charge out of the trenches to fight. It gave them a very slim amount of safety but it was what they could have so they took it. There were bullets flying over head so the men would ha ve to crouch to not be seen. 

     My soldiers were never 100% in the game. When I told the soldiers to move in on the Germans they were either shot as they went or the Germans advanced on them. The trenches did not really keep my soldiers safe either the Germans just over took them and made my men sarender. 
    Trenches are important because it gives the men a place to hide. Trenches shield the soldiers from enemy bullets and gave each side a point where they could bunker. 
    The part of trench warfare that was missing from the game was being able to command the soldiers. Not being able to tell the soldiers when to fire was frustrating. As they would most likely die before they got to shoot at the Germans. 

  17. Were your soldiers 100% safe at any time during the game?
    No, my soldiers were never safe and always had to stay alert and ready for action. Even when the enemy was not attacking, there were other risks, like diseases spread because of poor hygiene. They were at the most risk when they climbed out of the trenches to fight, being in the open made them an easier target.

    Why are trenches important?
    The trenches are important because they provide a sheltered and safer environment for soldiers to fight from, which prevents more men from being killed. Being in the trenches gives the soldiers a slight upper hand to the enemy because they can target the people approaching with guns but the bullets from the enemy’s guns cannot reach them as easily. Although the trenches had a negative effect on the health of the soldiers they were beneficial in preserving the lives of men who would have been easy targets on an open battlefield.

    What part of trench warfare is missing from this game?
    The game only includes the fighting part of trench warfare, but it cannot replicate the harsh and filthy conditions of living in the trenches. It doesn’t show us how you could be in a trench for days and be wet and cold. It doesn’t show all the disease and the vermin feeding off the dead. It excludes the nights and the transport of food in to all of the soldiers. It doesn’t show us the other jobs that soldiers did, the digging of trenches, the checking of weapons and the duties that happened daily to keep everything and everyone working together.

  18. Trenches were dug by both sides in ww1 ending any chances of a quick war. this resulted in a stalemate for most of the war. Most of the soldiers died in battle but some were killed by disease and untreated wounds.the trenches were full of dead bodies which made them home to diseased rats.

    Were your soldiers 100% safe at anytime during the game?
    No, they were susceptible to grenades, gas and if they came out they would be rained down with bullets
    Why are trenches important?
    Trenches let the soldiers defending have an advantage

  19. Trench warfare is a land where people battle. It’s a standard form of fighting. It was horrific, the conditions were freezing.
    ■Were your soldiers 100% safe at anytime during the game?
    My soldiers were never 100% safe at anytime because the enemy soldiers kept on coming from the other side.
    ■Why are trenches important?
    Because it was a home base for the soldiers, a place where they could hide and not be seen. They could prepare themselves for battle in their trenches.
    ■What upgrades did your choose, and why?
    I chose to upgrade a machine gun because it would kill the enemy with fewer bullets

  20. Were your soldiers 100% safe at anytime during the game?
    There was no point in the game where my soldiers were completely safe. Even burrowed inside their own trenches, there was the constant threat of the opposing soldiers attacking their homes.

    What part of the trench warfare experience is missing from this game?
    This game evaded addressing the consequences of disease and discomfort within the trench environment. In World War One, soldiers were constantly under threat of disease thriving in the unclean conditions, a weapon that could kill faster than any firearm.

    What was the deadliest weapon? Why?
    I believe that the deadliest weapon was poisoned gas. Unlike grenades and firearms which can only target one individual at a time, gas had the ability to totally dominate an entire collaboration of soldiers. Just by breathing, armies directly exposed themselves to the most fatal weapon available to the enemy, which was a terrifying concept to vulnerable men battling for their lives.

  21. Apologies for the lateness, my internet was down.

    Trench warfare was a tactic used in War, specifically in World War 1. Trenches had quite horrific living conditions. Diseases were common as rats, which could be as large as cats, infected the trenches. Trenches were used to protect the soldiers, as staying above the ground in open area was extremely dangerous.

    Were your soldiers 100% safe at anytime during the game?
    No, the soldiers were not 100% safe during the game. Although trenches offer some sort of protection, soldiers were not safe in them all the time. Weapons such as hand grenades, could simply be thrown into a trench and destroy everything and everyone in the surrounding area. Also if the soldiers left the trenchers they were confronted with bullets coming from all directions.

    Why are trenches important?
    Trenchers were important as they gave some protection against enemies. Being out in the open was extremely dangerous.

    What part of the trench warfare experience is missing from this game?
    The part which I believe is missing from this game is the horrific living conditions. There should also have a bigger field to show that there was not just one trench, but multiple trenchers connecting to one another.

  22. Trench Warfare
    From what I’ve newly learnt about trench warfare, along with my prior knowledge about the topic, I do know that it’s a deadly, unhygienic and simply horrible place to be stuck in. Digging trenches was probably the closest definition of safety when battling in World War 1. No man’s land was dead, uninhabitable, lifeless and unfortunately, flat. There would be no trees, hills, bushes or anything to hide behind to use as a shield, so the only way to survive was to dig down. The cramped, wet/dry, hot/freezing conditions would be a soldiers’ worst nightmare when being squeezed between fellow soldiers, waiting to hear the commanding officer to tell them to go over the top and shoot at anything that moves in their sight. It’s unimaginable to think of the unhygienic conditions they’d have to life in. One major killer while living in the trenches was “Trench Foot”. A condition what would slowly deteriorate and destroy the foot of a soldier who wouldn’t be able to keep it clean. The harsh and dirty conditions of WW1 would make the disease common and unmanageable, thus leading to the sad death of many.
    1. Were your soldiers 100% safe during anytime of the game?
    Definitely not. Even I they were safely behind the trenches far away from the enemies, they could use bombs from the skies to attack, or soldiers throwing grenades that could harm you.
    2. Why are trenches important?
    Trenches were vital to survival because they were your only means of defence. It would be much better to have something blocking you from bullets than running around aimlessly in no man’s land.
    3. Did the tactics become frustrating? Why?
    The tactics did become frustrating because the only way to win was to send men through no man’s land and hope they would make it to the end alive. It’s a tough decision to send them across knowing that the enemies would probably shoot them down. The price for victory is a lot of lives.

  23. Trench warfare was a very dangerous but also very safe. It was unhygienic but it was able to protect you from gunfire. Many diseases were transferred but it was the only solution they had. Trenches were vital though in a lot of wars especially World War 1.

    My soldiers were never really safe at any stage but I most of the time won. It did not really protect them but did help out.

    I didn’t really choose my upgrades carefully but just upgraded everything. When I did it did help my team and I think it was lucky when I randomly chose which upgrades I was going to choose.

    The trenches were important to make a group and the go from there. I would make a very big group but sometimes it didn’t work when the enemy dropped a bomb really close to the soldiers.

  24. Trench Warfare
    Trenches were a big help during the WW1, they were used for many things like places for sleeping, protection when shooting and space to sit and wait. The conditions of a trench were usually pretty bad, especially if it had been raining and there is mud everywhere. If you didn’t take care of your strappings around your feet when you take the strapping off your feet started to mould and eventually fall off. This is because your strapping would have gotten wet and then not have dried. A good tactic soldiers used was a gun attached to a wooden telescope, this allowed soldiers to look out of the trench and not be in great danger of getting shot.

    1. Trenches are important because it is a sense of protection and they are very useful for silent attacks.
    2. My soldiers were never 100 precent safe during the game; trenches were the best protection but still the other team could throw hand grenades and destroy everything in the trench.
    3. The part of the trench warfare that was missing was the dirtiness and horrible living conditions.

    From what I have learned about trenches, their importance in World War 1 was great. They provided cover from the enemy whilst still being able to shoot at them with devices such as periscopes and a string tied to the trigger of the rifle. But… this didn’t mean they were always safe. Being in a trench had some disadvantages, such as the enemy having the ability to through a grenade in your trench or dig underneath and blow up the trench from underneath. Also the enemy had the ability to run off without the enemy knowing.

    In the game they are important because in the open they would get blown to pieces by mortars and machine guns. The soldiers were never really safe but at least they could only get blown by mortars which were pretty inaccurate, whereas in the open they would get blown to shreds.
    Although it is only a flash game, if this was a mainstream game made for playstation, xbox, pc etc they certainly could have made it more realistic by adding realistic conditions such as rats, diseases, mud etc. But of course it was only a flash game.

  26. Trench warfare is a very important part of war. Trenches were thought to have an advantage because you can shoot over the top and then go into the trench so you can avoid being shot. However, this didn’t stop gas coming over the top or people digging under your trench and planting bombs to then explode the trench. The conditions in trenches were very poor. Some days there would be water in the trench and it might be as high as thigh deep because there would be nowhere for it to drain out to. Some people used periscopes to see so they wouldn’t be at risk of being killed.

    The soldiers were never 100% safe at any time during the game because the opposition could throw bombs over into your trench so there was always a possibility to die at any point. However, the trenches were a lot safer than no man’s land because they can’t shoot you straight away.
    Trenches are important because it is safer for the soldiers than being just on the ground at the same level as the opposition. The trenches are under normal ground level so the bullets can fly over the top but the people not get hit.
    The main part of trench warfare that is missing is the disease and rats. Disease is one of the biggest killers in war. Rats also scurry around and can nibble off toes and they are the biggest spreaders of disease.

  27. My understandings of the trench warfare conditions are that it was a hard time to survive because even if you got a scratch on your arm, you could be in a very deadly situation. This is because of the bacteria and germs that are held in the trenches. Trench foot was also a deadly thing. Trench foot happens when soldiers don’t change the bandage on their feet and they could potentially rot and fall off on some occasions. Trenches held a lot of mud that was usually up to the soldier’s knee. Trenches held heaps of soldiers and they were huge holes in the ground that goes in a path. At the top of these trenches, soldiers on the opposition would wait there for a gunshot towards them. Once the heard one, they would shoot hundreds of times because it symbolised that somebody from the other side was attacking them.

    1. Were your soldiers 100% safe at any time during the game?
    No they weren’t because there are always oppositions either in their trenches or running on the open field. It would never be safe when on the open field but it may be safer in the trenches.
    2. Did the tactics become frustrating? Why?
    The tactics used were very frustrating because whenever I sent other soldiers to the treches, more and more troops that were already there, were running onto the open field and not even crawling on the ground to not be seen.
    3. Why were the trenches important?
    The trenches were important because it gave soldiers a safe hiding spot that was close to the opposition. It gave them a chance to be close and be able to fire freely from the trench or the open field in front of the opposition.

  28. Trench Warfare had a big part to play in World War 1. The conditions inside the trench were very poor, with lots of bad bacteria and wet conditions. This made it so even a scratch on your arm could result in death. The theory in the trenches was if you couldn’t be seen by the enemy you were safe. People would use periscopes to look up over the trench and so they could aim at the enemies in no mans land.
    1. My soldiers were never 100% safe, even in some of the easiest situations. There were times when my soldiers were safer than other times, like in the trench. Out on the battlefield, when the soldiers were closest to the enemy was when they were the least safe.
    2. The trenches are important as they give you a kind of base. You have an area that you bcan retreat to if things on the battlefield aren’t going your way. The soldiers could also shelter and gave them a sense of security.
    3. The tactics did become frustrating. When you were trying to make a move against the enemy they might counterattack at the same time, possibly putting your plan out of action. You are also never certain that your tactic is going to work, and you might not have a lot of time to think about a great tactic before the enemy is upon you.

  29. Trench warfare is the battle in which armies use trenches for cover. This is effective as by using trenches, fighters can shoot whilst having most of their body parts behind cover. Many men died in the trenches as during the winter months, it was very cold and wet so disease took them. The space in between trenches is called no man’s land as anyone that goes there was most likely to get shot.
    Q1. Were your soldiers 100% safe at any time during the war?
    A1. No, because even when the men were hiding in the trenches, they were still being killed by exploding weapons like grenades.
    Q2. Why are trenches important?
    A2. Trenches were important as even though they were still not 100% safe, trenches still meant that they could get some cover away from the line of fire.
    Q3. What part of the trench warfare experience is missing from this game?
    A3. Things like disease and how the rats ate at the soldiers when they weren’t paying attention are not included in this game. It is also not shown how men used to eat and sleep in the trenches.

  30. Being in a trench meant that you were stuck in in. If you try to get out, you will be shredded up by the machine gun or other gunfire. However if you stay in the trench there are diseases and rats that can kill you. Don’t think that by getting into a trench you are completely safe. Plus, gas and artillery are something you can’t get away from, unless you have a gas mask or you are lucky enough to survive the artillery.

    Were your soldiers 100% safe during the game?
    No, not even in the trench were they safe. This is because some of the German assault teams threw grenades into my trench or there was a mortar or artillery strike.
    What part of the trench warfare was missing from the game?
    The diseases and rats that killed a lot of the soldiers while they were in the trench.

  31. •Were your soldiers 100% safe at any time during the game?
    No. The soldiers were never safe. Even in the trenches they could still get shot at and people were invading the trenches and many of my men were dying. The safest place for them was the trenches and some of the bombs were absolutely destroying my trenches and killing many of my soldiers.
    •Why are trenches important?
    The trenches are the only place where you can hide in the game. They are a place where the soldiers can’t get shot at and they are a very tactical approach to a war. If soldier never hid in the trenches they would eventually all get shot. It was definitely a safe option for the soldiers and helped a lot. Without the trenches I would have died in every game. Every time I attacked I was shot down but when they attacked it seemed easier to shoot them from inside the trench and it was a good tactic.


  32. Soldiers used trenches in WW1 to hide from the open areas and to shoot from being hidden. The soldiers built the trenches themselves by digging for hours until it was deep enough for them to be covered. The trenches were covered in mud and water, so continuously soldier’s standing in this gave them very bad diseases and conditions on their feet. Some were rat infested and awoke to being nibbled on their feet by these rodents. They used pare scope’s to see over the trench and held their rifles so they could shoot without revealing themselves. There were a lot of hygiene setbacks to being held in these trenches for days, so many terrible diseases such as trench foot, from standing in mud and water without undoing the straps in your boots can leave your feet to rot. The trenches were a good way to hide from the enemy and to take cover and shoot without exposing themselves, but had many negatives in the process.

    Were your soldiers 100% safe at anytime during the game?
    No, they weren’t because there were bombs exploding over the trench from the enemy, but the safest they could get was in the trenches. They were never 100% safe.
    Why are trenches important?
    Trenches are important because they protect the soldiers as much as possible and it makes it easier for them to attack without being revealed as much. Trenches are where the soldiers can hide from the enemy and where they can take cover, it’s basically a hideout, but never completely safe. It’s important because it keeps the soldiers safe as possible.

  33. What part of the trench warfare experience is missing from this game?

    The game was all about the fighting. Most deaths didn’t occur on the battle field but when soldiers were alone and disease spread. The environment was not very realistic either and neither was the soldiers reaction to it. For example in the thick mud scrambling up the trench walls was a long tiresome process. People would trip and fall in the mud and get caught in barb wire. None of this was shown in the game

  34. The term “Trench Warfare” comes from the tactic used by soldiers during the 2nd World War, in which the invading and defending troops dug pit like strips of land that soldiers would then get into and use as an area of cover, as well as a safe cover to shoot out of. An example of when this tactic was used was by the ANZAC troops in Gallipoli. Throughout this conflict, many more tactics were invented by both sides, the most notable example being Periscope Guns, which allowed the shooter to not only remain safe in the trench, but also see and shoot the opposing soldiers. The overall condition of these trenches were very poor, as they were very unhygienic and easy disease spreader, a main example of this being Trench Foot, which resulted in troops entire feet falling off from infection.

    Q1. Yes, they were completely safe whilst they were in the trenches that my team controlled. This was because the enemy could not shoot them whilst inside of a trench. However, later in the game I would assume that the Trenches could be attacked with mortars and bombs.
    Q2. Trenches are important as they offer an area of safety for the soldiers. They also give a tactical advantage to the warfare.
    Q3. The upgrade that I chose to apply to my troops was artillery fire strength, as it was important for the bullets to be more powerful, so that they could kill as many enemy troops as possible as quickly as possible.

  35. Trenches were very close together. In one trench, if it was quiet you could hear the sound of the enemy digging the trenches. The conditions in the trenches were quite poor; especially when it rained because the trenches would fill up with water. A good tactic that was used was having a bucket linked to a gun so that the soldiers could leave and when the bucket filled up with water it would fall and trigger the gun and then the enemy would shoot back thinking they were there but the soldiers were gone.

    Why are trenches important?
    The trenches are important because they provide a barrier wall to hide behind when shooting the enemy. They are also important because they provide a sort of protection against the enemy. They also provided somewhere to live during the war.
    What part of the trench warfare experience is missing from this game?
    The part that is missing is the living conditions. The trenches were smelly and muddy and cold. They didn’t provide good living conditions. They were infested with diseases and the conditions they were in caused different illnesses.
    What was the deadliest weapon and why?
    I would say the deadliest weapon I came across in the game would be the grenades. This is because you couldn’t see them coming and they would kill more than one soldier at a time. They also blew them up whereas with a gunshot it could miss or not kill them.

  36. Were your soldiers 100% safe at any time during the game?

    You were never 100% safe. The only real place where it wasn’t suicide to stay in was the trenches and even then a simple mortar bomb could take you out in seconds. There was always a trap or barrier to make it harder for the soldiers to survive.

    What was the deadliest weapon? Why?

    The deadliest weapon was probably the mortar bombs. Because they were rapidly fired in frequent secession’s and the end product was a large amount of damage to the enemy.

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