End of Term: Games For Change

Video games are on track to become the dominant pastime, eclipsing the popularity of novels, magazines, tv and movies. Recently, there have been efforts to create games that educate and engage people with pressing issues of the day. While not all of the games below are socially engaged games, I’d like you to be aware of this exciting new development. A good place to start is at the Games for Change website.

Warfare 1944: A WWII take on Jesse’s favorite flash game.

Diplomacy: You must sign up for this, but it is an absolute classic. Wait for others to sign up, create a game, and let the back stabbing begin. A great way to put yourself in the shoes of national leaders of Europe in the first half of the 20th century. I have set up a game: the game is 59065 Y10AMWCGS and the password is Y10AMWCGS

World Wars : A ‘Risk’ style game with WW2 units

Darfur is Dying: Brought to you by the Games4Change people, kiddy graphics with a very serious message

September 12: A Toy World: A simple game that ends when you get the point.

Endgame Syria: Have not played this one yet, but have heard good things. About the current troubles in Syria, from the Game the News people.

Freedom Bridge: Never will a single pixel affect you in such a way.


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